2018 WSOP Breaks Records

This season’s WSOP players won $266,889,193 as prize money in addition to $187.4 million, which American players won this year. This shows an increase of 15.5 percent in comparison with the event held last year. There has been an immense growth in this game on the whole. Around 28 players won $1 million or more as prize money with an average 1st prize which came up to $655,337 with 1,588 players claiming it. There were 78 bracelets given for every event and the majority of it had gone to the Americans. It was indeed a benchmark season for participation as well. There were 123,856 people who participated in the festivities. That shows an increase of 2.4 percent from last year.

The 49th Main Event presented an excellent show and people were overjoyed with a grand finale. The show went on perfectly, which gave no room for any concerns. John Cynn managed to outlast Tony Miles post a great marathon of heads-up showdown. The victory achieved by Cynn was incredible and at the same time said it was bittersweet. He wanted to avoid celebrating in front of the adversary. He said there came a time when players were discussing to make a deal. However, every break felt like he had some good players around him who kept playing strategy. As a result, he did not get an opportunity to do anything much.

Cynn won the pot which is the 3rd largest compared to prizes earned by Jamie Gold in 2006 and Martin Jacobson in 2014. In every game of bigger competition, there must be a winner and a loser. Sadly, Roland Israelashvili could not win, although he has been a champion in a poker game. Although he finished 14 times at the WSOP, but was short of reaching his dream goal. He is one of the players with the majority of cashes and nil bracelet.

Steffen Sontheimer Emerges Victorious Inaugural Poker Masters Purple Jacket

German poker pro Steffen Sontheimer has clinched the victory in the inaugural Poker Masters event in a dominant fashion.

Sontheimer cashed in four of the five super high roller tournaments that were scheduled in the unique series, winning two titles on the way. Over the course of a week he pocketed $2,733,000 in total tournament cashes, the metric used to decide who would be awarded the first ever Poker Masters purple jacket. Sontheimer came close to cashing in all five tournaments, completing on the bubble in the only event he did not win the money in.

The 2017 Poker Masters was conducted at Aria in Las Vegas and featured for $50,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournaments and a series-ending $100,000 buy-in event. The first high roller started off on September 13. The $50,000 buy-in tournament attracted 51 entries, with Sontheimer finishing fourth in $204,000. Nick Schulman emerged victorious in the end, earning an accumulated amount of $918,000.

The second event of the series saw Sontheimer outlast a field of 50 entries to pocket $900,000. He won against Fedor Holz heads-up for the title, sending his fellow German wunderkind to the rail with $550,000. The third tournament of the series was the only event Sontheimer did cash in.

2017 Card Player of the Year race leader Bryn Kenney emerged the winner in that one, securing the title and the top prize of $960,000.

The fourth and the last $50,000 buy-in saw Brandon Adams come out on top, with Sontheimer ending with the fifth position in $117,000.

The series-ending $100,000 got underway on Sept. 18, attracting a field of 36 entries. Only the top six players made the money, with Stephen Chidwick being the unfortunate player that was removed on the $175,000 money bubble. Coming into the six-handed final table Fedor Holz held the chip lead, with Sontheimer placed in third.

New Hopes For Online Poker In Australia

The Australian Poker Community (APC) was struggling hard for the legalization of the game in the country.

And now it seems that their efforts have paid off. The door now seems to get open for legalization of online poker in the country soon.

A call was made to hold an inquiry for poker online version passed the Senate of Australia last week with 46 votes to 22.

The inquiry was called to review the game to be handed down before the 14th of September 2017. It means that it may make the way for the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill, which was introduced in the Senate recently, the bill spelled the end for poker online version in the country, to be changed before it passes through the parliament finally.

After the six months of setting up, the Australian Online Poker Alliance (AOPA) has become the main body to give poker players of Aussie a voice. The founder of this alliance, Joseph Del Duca said this is a positive news for the poker community; however, the importance of inquiry should not be underestimated.

He said, “This is continuing efforts of the Australian Poker Community (APC) that this news has come. Without their efforts this would not have been possible. Continue reading “New Hopes For Online Poker In Australia”

Allen Cunningham Is Worried About Ray Bitar

Allen Cunningham says that the Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar is suffering from some health issues and that he will not be able to live for long.

Cunningham also added that Ray is going to be penniless soon. Ray did not get away with anything, according to Allen.

Allen said that Ray has not yet paid the money to some people and feels that the Ray Bitar incident is not going the karmic way. He said that he would be looking to get into the shoes of any of his victims rather than trading places with Ray. Cunningham was the former Red Pros of Full Tilt, but he does not know the whereabouts of Ray. He said that Bitar was having some heart issues and there were talking about him needing a heart transplant some years ago. This was the reason that kept him from going behind the bars in 2011.

Allen said that it would be a mere miracle and a huge surprise if people would see Ray Bitar alive for the next three to four years. Ray is also going through a lot of emotional stress and tensions owing to the $40 million forfeiture case. Apart from this, his heart condition is not allowing him to concentrate on his case and all these things put together is sure going to take a huge toll on Bitar. There is every chance for him to lose the battle in life due to his very .

There is no news about Ray Bitar now and no one is aware as to where he is. He is not in the news for the past couple of years. There is no confirmation as to whether he was able to do a heart transplant or whether he is still carrying on in life with his aging and poor heart.

AI Versus Human Poker Games

There have been several contests held recently between man and machine in games of poker.

For instance, Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh held such a contest where there were four players betting against a machine. It was found that the machine was in a winning position in this game.

The machine, named as Libratus, was designed to operate with artificial intelligence. The technology had been developed by Carnegie Mellon University. This university has several research projects being done on robotics and AI. The tournament was held last week. The odds were found to favor the human players initially, but the machine did move ahead towards the end of the game as per CMU professor of the university’s department of computer science. This game is part of a contest that has been launched which includes 120,000 hands of the Heads Up No Limit Texas Hold’em game that would be played over a time span of 20 days. Every day the games begin at eleven in the morning and end up by seven in the evening.

The human players comprise of Dong Kim, Jason Les, Daniel McAulay and Jimmy Chou. If the human players win, they would be getting a share in the total prize money pool of $200,000.

There had been a similar tournament that had been held last year. In this tournament there were about 80,000 hands that were played. The earlier version of AI that was used in this game lost with a small margin to the humans. The team from CMU is hoping that they will see a different outcome to the game this year. The contest is part of the attempt of this university team to showcase that AI will be able to defeat humans in this strategy game as it can already do so in games like Go, chess and checkers or tic-tac-toe.

PokerStars France Sets New Record

PokerStars have been going great guns as it has established operations in different European countries.

Indeed, with several country wise operations the company can look forward to having more participation from players either in a worldwide playing environment or having country wise participation which is also considerable in many countries.

There was a recent win of considerable amount, about €250K at the France website of PokerStars. The Russian player who won the amount has now set a new record that many will look forward to breaking. It was at the PokerStars France Spin and Go that the record was established by this player. At the French website PokerStars offers hyper turbo, lottery style and three max styled Spin and Go events. There are buy in levels at different varieties which can be a minimum value of €1 to a maximum value of €100. Those who play the games will be able to win amounts that are 10,000 times more than the buy in amount.

The games on the France website are not restricted to French players only and others of different nationalities will also be able to participate.

However, those who participate in the French PokerStars website need to hold a bank account in any European country.

The Spin and Go prize pool of the highest level has steep odds. With a buy in level of €25 only one game will have a prize pool of €300,000 in an amount which would reward the winner €250,000. With such terms, it was indeed an exciting game that was streamed live. As the winner was a Russian player and the streaming was in their native language, a pro player, narrated the whole gaming experience later on for the benefits of those who wished to know how the new record level was set.

Microgaming Reverses Trend In Traffic

Most poker networks this year have found a decline in their ring game traffic, but the Microgaming Poker Network is one which has been able to reverse the trend along with Unibet Poker.

The network has been able to gain an increase in ring game traffic this year. The ring game traffic of MPN has increased this year by about 29 percent. This has helped it to reach eighth place as per the online poker traffic report. It has moved to fifth place in a month.

There are several reasons for the increase that MPN has seen in the online poker room traffic. One reason is that, two major poker rooms have moved to its network this year. These are Grosvenor Casinos that have moved from iPoker to this network as well as PKR Poker that has also joined up with MPN. With these two poker rooms joining its network there is little surprise that the traffic flow of this poker room has increased.

There are other reasons that have helped MPN overcome the challenges that other online poker networks have faced. For instance, it has had a long term focus on building its network system. This is working now, which is apparent.

A friendlier ambience is created by MPN for recreational players. For instance, the players can change their screen names so that they are not always targeted by stronger players. A new rake scheme has been introduced by MPN which helps to lower rakes for the lowest stake players and increases rakes for higher stake players. As per the Head of Poker at Microgaming, the reason for growth is the focus they have had on the recreational market. This is a trend that others are waking up to. The ones losing traffic in ring games are now looking to increase their recreational game base.

Georgia Casino bill set to be dead for this year

A bill targeting to empower Las Vegas-style casinos in the Georgia state is likely off the table for the rest of the year.

As per a report from Associated Press, David Ralston, the Georgia House Speaker, stated earlier on Monday that he would not call the bill. He believes that the accompanying constitutional amendment required empowering the casinos for a full floor vote.

Ralston’s conclusion to toss it off comes after a committee gave up on the plan. The legislation would have let 4 casinos in the state along with 2 in or near Atlanta. As per a report appeared on a leading website, a vote found that 84% of Georgia voters believe that they must be able to decide on the referendum issue. It is unfortunate that they would have to wait.

Meanwhile, Macau casinos reported gaming revenue of US$ 2.4 billion earlier in February, a number that was almost unchanged from a year back, the government of the city reported this on Tuesday. As per a report appeared on Las Vegas Review-Journal, the drop of less than 1% year-over-over is the biggest performance for the casinos in twenty-one months. Gaming win fell by over twenty-one percent earlier in January that was the twentieth straight month that gaming gain went down year-over-year.

The gaming revenue of the city went down by 34% year-over-year to US$ 29 billion in the year 2015. It was the 2nd straight year of minus gaming revenue than the year earlier. Macau had a US$ 45.2 billion in revenue in the year 2013.

Why Antonio Esfandiari got disqualified from poker tournament?

Antonio Esfandiari, the well known poker player, was disqualified in this week’s US$ 5300 buy-in PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event. Well, this punishment was given because something that he ‘executed’ under the table.

Antonio and poker-player and businessman Bill Perkins had a shore up bet that called for Antonio to lunge everywhere he went for forty-eight hours. The bet started on 8th January. The amount of the bet was not revealed by the sources, but the 3-time WSOP bracelet winner stated that it was really huge.

Esfandiari later took to Twitter and said: “Been lunging around my hotel room all day,”

“Just going to the bathroom and back is starting take a toll on my legs. I am in trouble [tomorrow]!”

After awhile of averting all methods of getting around apart from lunging, Antonio apparently found himself with the call to use the toilet during play earlier on Monday and he did not want to hurl all the way there to go to the restroom. He settled to urinate in a container under the table. The whole incident came in front following various tweets and posts in the social media. Antonio did not explicitly reveal what he did, but he confirmed the news after all the buzzing over social mediums.

According to reports, Antonio apologized for what he had done. He stated that his actions were not really acceptable. He stated that he was not happy with himself today.
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The Return Of Jason Somervile At WSOP Of 2015

Here come some pieces of good news as a lot of enormous things are going to take place for the PokerNews Podcast of this present summer at the 2015 World Series of Poker.

First and foremost, Pro Jason Somerville of Team PokerStar is coming back to give a master’s perspective of understanding, examination, and verbal confrontation. Second, Remko Rinkema, famous media identity as well as Remko Report’s host, will be taking care of the duties of hosting of the show. Rinkema and Somerville both will be associated by Editor-in-ChiefDonnie Peters.

Somerville being thrilled said that he was exceptionally eager to be coming back to thePokerNews Podcast for one more amusing summer of WSOP activity. He especially excited for Remko Rinkema’s welcome to the PNPod squad, one among the best reporters in this industry. He could hardly wait to get the admirers all the coffee, Juice, soda, and quality coverage of WSOP they had expected.

In comparative manner to late years, thePokerNews Podcast is going to record show which will happen on Monday, Wednesday, as well as Friday amid the mid year, with the arrangements to record day by day as the WSOP Main Event starts. The organization is likewise resolving the strategy of streaming the show with the help of Twitch.tv channel of the Somerville, where the show will be telecasted. Maestro sings its own praises telling it has more than seven million shows as well as 100,000 adherents.

Rinkema also said that consistently since 2009, He has done coverage of the WSOP, and this year he has handled the cutest gig of all. He also added it is overwhelming to host the PNPod, and he also anticipates for presenting to everyone best as well as most amusing summer coverage. He also informs that He has found something special for this event.