Steven Holloway Talks On National Poker Championships

Last weekend, Steven Holloway made an entry at the New Zealand Poker Championships Main Event which was held at Christchurch Casino. There were around 202 players who put in $1650 to take part in the tournament. In addition, 59 re-entries were there that produced a prize pool worth $391,500 in addition to $81k for first

2018 WSOP Breaks Records

This season’s WSOP players won $266,889,193 as prize money in addition to $187.4 million, which American players won this year. This shows an increase of 15.5 percent in comparison with the event held last year. There has been an immense growth in this game on the whole. Around 28 players won $1 million or more

New Hopes For Online Poker In Australia

The Australian Poker Community (APC) was struggling hard for the legalization of the game in the country. <center><img src="" width="500"></center> And now it seems that their efforts have paid off. The door now seems to get open for legalization of online poker in the country soon. A call was made to hold an inquiry for poker online version

Allen Cunningham Is Worried About Ray Bitar

Allen Cunningham says that the Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar is suffering from some health issues and that he will not be able to live for long. <center><img src="" width="500"></center> Cunningham also added that Ray is going to be penniless soon. Ray did not get away with anything, according to Allen.

AI Versus Human Poker Games

There have been several contests held recently between man and machine in games of poker. <center><img src="" width="500"></center> For instance, Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh held such a contest where there were four players betting against a machine. It was found that the machine was in a winning position in this game.

PokerStars France Sets New Record

PokerStars have been going great guns as it has established operations in different European countries. <center><img src="" width="500"></center> Indeed, with several country wise operations the company can look forward to having more participation from players either in a worldwide playing environment or having country wise participation which is also considerable in many countries.

Microgaming Reverses Trend In Traffic

Most poker networks this year have found a decline in their ring game traffic, but the Microgaming Poker Network is one which has been able to reverse the trend along with Unibet Poker. <center><img src=""></center> The network has been able to gain an increase in ring game traffic this year. The ring game traffic of MPN

Georgia Casino bill set to be dead for this year

A bill targeting to empower Las Vegas-style casinos in the Georgia state is likely off the table for the rest of the year. As per a report from Associated Press, David Ralston, the Georgia House Speaker, stated earlier on Monday that he would not call the bill. He believes that the accompanying constitutional amendment required

Why Antonio Esfandiari got disqualified from poker tournament?

Antonio Esfandiari, the well known poker player, was disqualified in this week’s US$ 5300 buy-in PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event. Well, this punishment was given because something that he ‘executed’ under the table. Antonio and poker-player and businessman Bill Perkins had a shore up bet that called for Antonio to lunge everywhere he went for