New Hopes For Online Poker In Australia

The Australian Poker Community (APC) was struggling hard for the legalization of the game in the country.

And now it seems that their efforts have paid off. The door now seems to get open for legalization of online poker in the country soon.

A call was made to hold an inquiry for poker online version passed the Senate of Australia last week with 46 votes to 22.

The inquiry was called to review the game to be handed down before the 14th of September 2017. It means that it may make the way for the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill, which was introduced in the Senate recently, the bill spelled the end for poker online version in the country, to be changed before it passes through the parliament finally.

After the six months of setting up, the Australian Online Poker Alliance (AOPA) has become the main body to give poker players of Aussie a voice. The founder of this alliance, Joseph Del Duca said this is a positive news for the poker community; however, the importance of inquiry should not be underestimated.

He said, “This is continuing efforts of the Australian Poker Community (APC) that this news has come. Without their efforts this would not have been possible.

People in numbers, contacted their local MPs via emails, letter writing, social media and phone calls. This was truly amazing. Many politicians mentioned the efforts of people in the parliament.

“As a community, we all showed that when we come together and work together our voices are heard” added Del Duca.

“From the very first day all we wanted to have is the fair fight. And now we have that and it is significant that we make the most of it now.

“We need as many poker players from Australia as possible”.