Steven Holloway Talks On National Poker Championships

Last weekend, Steven Holloway made an entry at the New Zealand Poker Championships Main Event which was held at Christchurch Casino. There were around 202 players who put in $1650 to take part in the tournament. In addition, 59 re-entries were there that produced a prize pool worth $391,500 in addition to $81k for first place winner. Holloway shared his experience regarding the tournament to the media and the same has been briefly explained below.

As per the old saying, if the sucker cannot be spotted in the initial first hour at the table, it means that you are the sucker. Holloway said that he is not a sucker as he doesn’t think he is. He has always been a good player as far as poker game is concerned as he has played it for hours and also professionally for more than 3 years. In addition to playing, the poker star has also made money successfully. The main reason that he became such a good poker player is because he read every book and watched training videos of poker game. Also, he always had this thought in his mind that he is good at poker.

However, when there is scope for variation in a poker tournament, it can effortlessly turn zeroes into heroes. Those with a little confidence make them think they are good at the tables, but they may not be fully right. Well, these were his views 7 years back and now he looks at the game differently. It is now a lot more than just a hobby or fun. Holloway did not see many losers this time at the New Zealand Poker Championships event. The poker star is excited since his last buy-in live poker took place 9 months back. He has a whole lot of expectations. It’s not just Steven Holloway but his supporters are equally excited to see him play poker.