Why Antonio Esfandiari got disqualified from poker tournament?

Antonio Esfandiari, the well known poker player, was disqualified in this week’s US$ 5300 buy-in PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event. Well, this punishment was given because something that he ‘executed’ under the table.

Antonio and poker-player and businessman Bill Perkins had a shore up bet that called for Antonio to lunge everywhere he went for forty-eight hours. The bet started on 8th January. The amount of the bet was not revealed by the sources, but the 3-time WSOP bracelet winner stated that it was really huge.

Esfandiari later took to Twitter and said: “Been lunging around my hotel room all day,”

“Just going to the bathroom and back is starting take a toll on my legs. I am in trouble [tomorrow]!”

After awhile of averting all methods of getting around apart from lunging, Antonio apparently found himself with the call to use the toilet during play earlier on Monday and he did not want to hurl all the way there to go to the restroom. He settled to urinate in a container under the table. The whole incident came in front following various tweets and posts in the social media. Antonio did not explicitly reveal what he did, but he confirmed the news after all the buzzing over social mediums.

According to reports, Antonio apologized for what he had done. He stated that his actions were not really acceptable. He stated that he was not happy with himself today.
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